Penn State Extension at McKean County Trout Release Event

Posted: July 27, 2015

Penn State Extension Water Resources Educator, Jim Clark, taught a session on aquatic invasive species for over 100 elementary school students in McKean County on Tuesday, May 19th, at Wildcat Park near Kane, PA.

The event was sponsored by the McKean County Conservation District and began with students releasing the trout they had grown in their classrooms. Since the students were releasing fish into the park stream, the event organizers felt it was important to teach them that releasing anything into our water resources, is generally a very bad idea. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to prevent and control invasive species in the United States, both terrestrial and aquatic. The students were taught five simple steps to prevent the spread of invasives when they are swimming, fishing or boating this summer. The steps include removing aquatic plants and animals from your boat, motor, and/or trailer before moving from one water body to another. Drain the lake or river water from bait buckets, live wells, and/or bilge. Dispose of unwanted live bait on the shore or in the trash. Rinse the boat and equipment with high pressure or 104 degree Fahrenheit water. Finally, if you cannot pressure wash, dry all equipment for at least 5 days under good drying conditions. One hundred and two students stated in a post survey that the presentation helped them understand the “aquatic invasives” issue.

For more information and resources related to Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), visit the Pennsylvania Sea Grant AIS website.

James A. Clark
Extension Water Resources Educator
Renewable Natural Resources Extension Team
Penn State Extension
McKean County