Penn State Water Testing Lab Products Available

Posted: September 24, 2012

Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a Department of Environmental Protection accredited water testing laboratory at Penn State.

Very few Universities have the capacity to assist the general public in identifying and documenting the quality of their water resources. The Penn State Water Lab also plays an important role in supporting water research and extension educational efforts.

There are four main water testing products available, a pond and lake water test, a drinking water test, an irrigation water test, and a livestock water test available to the agricultural community. Penn State Water Extension Educators are listed on each of the water testing lab reports, as possible consultants for individuals needing help in interpreting their water test results. Statewide, from October 1, 2011, to September of 2012, a total of 971 water tests were conducted, including 828 drinking water tests, 61 pond and lake water tests, 49 irrigation water tests, and 33 livestock water tests. Water testing kits with sample bottles and instructions are available at your local Penn State Extension Office.