New Penn State Extension Water Resource Factsheets

Posted: June 18, 2012

The Penn State Extension Water Resources Team has recently released two new water related factsheets. The factsheets are quick reference guides to help Private Water Supply Owners understand water supply problems and common water testing parameters in Pennsylvania.

The first factsheet is entitled Common Water Test Parameters Related to Natural Gas Drilling and is designed to assist people in interpreting their pre-gas well drilling water test reports. Many Pennsylvania residents are concerned about gas well drilling and are testing their private water supplies, but are having difficulty in understanding or reading their water test results. This factsheet describes the general parameters being tested in these gas related water tests and shares what typical concentration levels were from past research projects conducted in Pennsylvania. An “Acceptable Level Column” provides the Environmental Protection Agencies drinking water standard for that parameter, if it exists. This factsheet can be found on the Penn State Extension Water Resources Website.

The second factsheet is entitled Common Drinking Water Problems and Solutions and is designed to assist people in identifying contaminant problems they may be having with their private water supply. The factsheet describes the common symptoms of problem contaminates found in private water wells or springs in Pennsylvania. It suggests the common causes for the described symptoms and then recommends a possible solution such as specific water treatment equipment. It is a general guide to assist homeowners in working through their private drinking water concerns.

These factsheets can be found on the Penn State Extension Water Resources Website.