New Marcellus Shale Electronic Field Guide

Posted: April 9, 2012

Penn State introduces a new online field guide to assist landowners, land managers, and gas companies understand terrestrial challenges facing shale gas development.

Development of Marcellus Shale natural gas resources presents many opportunities and challenges. The Marcellus Shale Electronic Field Guide is meant to inform citizens of different aspects of shale development. Options for land management assistance at all stages of infrastructure development are offered in an unbiased manner. The guide does not take sides on the issue of Marcellus exploration. It encompasses advice for landowners and managers, and gas industry employees that reflects their most frequently asked questions.

Resources provide information on a variety of topics ranging from ecology and wildlife concerns to lease agreements and provision for revegetation and habitat restoration. It offers topical overviews that guide a user to more detailed information. A forum for exchange of information and a photo gallery where images can be posted and accessed is available. This site is valuable both to citizens directly involved with development and to those looking for information to understand Marcellus Shale development. For more information on the Guide, read the article in Natural Gas News.

The guide is also accessible from "Smart Phones" and similar devices.