Penn State Extension Offers New Course for Aquatic Pesticide Applicators

Posted: March 8, 2011

If you are a professional pesticide applicator and want to obtain three aquatic (Category 9) credits, this new correspondence course is for you!

The Penn State Extension Water Resources Team is proud to announce a new product being released on April 1, 2011. It is a Pesticide Recertification Course specifically designed for Aquatic Pesticide Applicators. Participants will receive a packet including:

-Compact Disc containing 7 short pond related videos
-“Management of Aquatic Plants” Extension Publication
-Seven one page worksheets that correspond with the videos
-A form to apply for the PA Dept. of Ag. Category 9 Aquatic Pest. Recertification Credits
-A 10% Off Coupon for use with the Penn State Water Labs “Pond Water Testing Kit”
-A self addressed stamped envelope to help you return all completed material  to the coordinator.


If all seven worksheets are completed and returned within 60 days and you have a combined score higher than 70%, you will receive a completion certificate in the mail.

The central coordinator of the course will then process your recertification credits through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for you.

The cost of the course is $30.00 and if completed successfully it is worth 3 Category 9 Credits through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Visit the REGISTRATION SITE to register and learn more.