Who should consider being a Master Well Owner and why volunteer?

Anyone that is interested in learning more about proper location, construction, and maintenance of water wells and is interested in educating others about these topics. Ideal candidates will have their own private water well, spring or cistern.

Why Volunteer?

Each volunteer will receive the following:

  • A private water system handbook with background materials and educational resources.
  • A quarterly newsletter with news and information on groundwater, water supply management and other important issues.
  • Access to tabletop displays, fact sheets, presentations, experts, and other resources to assist with public education about proper water supply management.
  • An invitation to the annual Summer Field Conference sponsored by Pennsylvania Groundwater Association. This conference will serve as further professional development for the trained volunteers.

Expectations for the Master Well Owner Program

Anyone that would like to be a Master Well Owner must do the following:

  1. Attend a local one-day training workshop (on a Saturday) or one of the online training courses.
  2. After training, each Master Well Owner must attempt to provide general education about management of private water systems to approximately 50 or more people over a two year period of time. Several methods of accomplishing this task will be outlined at the training workshop.
  3. Each Master Well Owner must submit a simple one-page summary of their education results annually to the Master Well Owner Project Coordinator. This form can be completed online or sent by mail and should take only a few minutes to complete.

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Who should consider being a Master Well Owner and why volunteer?

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