How Does Online Training Work?

If you are interested in participating in one of our 7-week online courses, read below to learn more!
  • You must first submit an online application and be accepted into the MWON program. MWON volunteers must not be employed by a business that profits from private water system owners (water treatment sales, water testing labs, well drillers, etc.). Volunteers must also agree to attempt to educate at least 50 private water system owners within two years after they complete the training.
  • Each online training course will be limited to about 25 new volunteers.
  • Applicants who have been accepted and received a confirmation email of acceptance will be sent an introductory email before the course begins. The initial email will include a link to a short, pre-test which each volunteer must submit before beginning the class.
  • Class members will receive a weekly email introducing the next chapter topic and providing links to information for the chapter.
  • The class textbook is A Guide to Private Water Systems in Pennsylvania. Class members will need to read certain parts of this publication as part of each chapter of the class.
  • Each chapter will also include a 30 to 45 minute video presentation. We strongly recommend that you have a computer with a high speed internet connection for efficient viewing of these videos. A unique audio password will be given at random times during each of the chapter videos. Class members must provide this password on each chapter exam to confirm that they viewed the video material.
  • Most of the online training can be done at the volunteers own pace but all course exams must be completed within seven weeks. There will be one optional online class meeting at the mid-point of the course. No special software is required to attend this online meeting but you will need a high-speed internet connection (no modem connections) and speakers for sound. This optional meeting will occur on our secure online meeting room
  • To be certified, volunteers must score a cumulative 70% or higher on the post-tests and they must correctly identify the audio password given during each chapter video. Volunteers who pass the course will be mailed a certificate, a hard-copy of the 80-page private water system handbook, a coupon for a 10% discount on water testing through the Penn State Ag Analytical Lab, copies of three MWON brochures, and web cards with the MWON web site address for use in public education.
  • Certified MWON volunteers will be provided information on how to get assistance with their educational activities. They will also receive instructions on how to complete an annual report of their accomplishments.
  • Submit an application to become a MWON volunteer
  • Example Online Course Content

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How Does Online Training Work?

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