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A MWON volunteer discussing private water system management with a well owner

A MWON volunteer discussing private water system management with a well owner

Pennsylvania is home to over one million private water wells and springs but it is one of the few states that do not provide statewide regulations to protect these rural drinking water supplies. In 2004, Penn State Cooperative Extension and several partner agencies created the Master Well Owner Network (MWON); trained volunteers who are dedicated to promoting safe drinking water in Pennsylvania through the proper construction, testing, and maintenance of private water wells, springs and cisterns. Since its inception, over 600 MWON volunteers have provided education to over 30,000 private water supply owners throughout the state.

The links below provide more information about MWON training and how to apply for our program. Penn State generally trains 50 to 100 new MWON volunteers each year at Saturday workshops or one of our online courses. The various upcoming training courses will be listed on the application form (visit the link below entitled Apply to Become a MWON Volunteer).

If you have any questions, contact Bryan Swistock at or 814-863-0194.

Interested in volunteering? Please read this material about our volunteer requirements before you fill out an application.

Anyone that is interested in learning more about proper location, construction, and maintenance of water wells and is interested in educating others about these topics. Ideal candidates will have their own private water well, spring or cistern.

MWON volunteer are trained at Saturday workshops or using the online training course. Content of the workshops or the online course are identical and include information on various aspects of water quality, source water protection, and proper well construction and maintenance.

If you are interested in participating in one of our 7-week online courses, read below to learn more!

Description and links to a past offering of the course are provided below as an example. Updated presentations for each new course are sent via email to each class member during the course.

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Becoming A MWON Volunteer

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