Best Practices

Best practices for the management, construction, and maintenance of wells, cisterns, and springs.

A guide to proper maintenance of private water wells.

Penn State recommendations. A guide for private water system owners throughout Pennsylvania

Find out how to estimate homeowner or farmer water needs and calculate how much water must be delivered from a private water supply to meet these needs. These planning assumptions are based on long-term averages for various water uses in Pennsylvania. Your actual water use may vary significantly from these averages.

Groundwater is an important source of water for households, businesses, industries, and farms across Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, human overuse and contamination is increasingly threatening groundwater. This information will help you understand where groundwater comes from, how it is used, and how the future use of groundwater in Pennsylvania is at risk.

Many water well owners seek out information about their water well or the regional groundwater that supplies their drinking water. This webpage provides some online resources where water well owners can access this information.

The Penn State Extension Water Resources team has identified several steps that will help homeowners and farmers protect and properly manage their private water well.