Water for Agriculture

Information and resources to help you manage water quality for irrigation and livestock.

Basic interpretation of how various water quality parameters can influence plant growth during irrigation.

Water quality plays a critical role in determining successful production of nursery and greenhouse crops, and should be considered in fertilization management and disease control.

Penn State Extension hosts a monthly webinar series on topics related to water issues for homeowners, gardeners, water professionals, youth educators, and more.

Microsoft Excel, 210.0 kB

This spreadsheet allows you to estimate your daily water use on your farm using some simple inputs. Cells that are highlighted in yellow are cells that you can fill in with estimates from your farm (note that some yellow shaded cells may not apply to your farm operation - in those cases simply leave those cells blank). Cells that are shaded blue will be calculated for you based on your inputs. Your total farm water use will appear at the bottom of this spreadsheet. An example herd of 250 Holsteins is shown in the gray shaded area to the right.