Recorded Webinars

Includes webinar and related materials.
Assessment of Atmospheric Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Production along the Northeastern Marcellus Shale
July 21, 2017
Zachary R. Barkley, M.S. Research Assistant and Thomas Lauvaux, Senior Research Associate, Dept. of Meteorology, Penn State will discuss their research on methane emissions from natural gas development.
Shale Legislative and Regulatory Update
June 13, 2017
Ross Pifer, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, the Center for Agricultural and Shale Law at Penn State Law, provides an update on legislation and regulatory proposals regarding shale development.
Oil and Gas Revenues and Local Impacts Across 16 US States
May 18, 2017
Daniel Raimi, Senior Research Associate with Resources for the Future (RFF) compares all major state and local government revenues from oil and gas production, and describe major impacts in regions such as the Marcellus, Bakken, Permian, and more.
Hydraulic Fracturing and Induced Seismicity
April 13, 2017
David W. Eaton, PhD, Professor of Geosciences at the University of Calgary, and the NSERC/Chevron Industrial Research Chair in Microseismic System Dynamics discusses recent research on induced seismicity and hydraulic fracturing.
Property Values Near Shale Gas Extraction Sites: What We Know Now - A Review of Published PA Studies
March 16, 2017
Dr. Charles Abdalla, Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics and Darrah Peklak, a Penn State economics and geography student, discuss the findings of published studies on residential property values near shale development.
Changes in Global Gas Markets
February 16, 2017
Dr. Tim Boersma, Senior Research Scholar, Director of Global Natural Gas Markets with Columbia University, SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy discusses changes seen and what may be in the future for global gas markets.
Shale Energy Fluids Management Trends
January 19, 2017
David Yoxtheimer, P.G., Extension Associate, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research discusses the varied approaches to managing shale energy fluids around the primary shale basins in the United States. Topics addressed include volumes of produced fluids generated, recycling and treatment techniques, disposal well use, and future projections of produced fluid volumes and management options.
Natural Gas Power Generation - Reliability, Value, and Market Coordination
December 15, 2016
Matt Tripoli, PE, Senior Manager of Development, and Greg Samilo, Manager of Development, IMG Midstream discuss power generation using natural gas to create electricity that is placed into the regional grid and used locally.
Marketing and Logistics of Natural Gas Liquids in the Appalachian Basin
November 17, 2016
Matt Curry, founder of Dreadnought Solutions in 2016, a marketing solutions provider, will be discussing the importance of natural gas liquids (NGLs) as well as looking at the marketing and moving of these products.
Agriculture and Safe Pipeline Operations
October 20, 2016
The highest priority of every pipeline operator is safety. Amber Olah, Public Awareness Manager for Enbridge Energy, discusses the role of pipeline operators in pipeline safety, responsibility of farmers, the one-call process and why it's important, and understanding the difference between excavating and 'normal farming operations'.
Winds and Natural Gas as Energy Partners
September 15, 2016
Dr. Michael C. Slattery, Professor, Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies, TCU, discusses the environmental impacts of wind, and how wind and natural gas can complement each other as energy sources.
Upper Green River Basin Disposal Pit Emission Study
August 25, 2016
Richard L. Bowers, P.E., BCEE, GSI Environmental, discusses the air quality study of large produced water disposal ponds, part of the Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division’s Upper Green River Basin Ozone Strategy. The goal of the study is to develop a method for accurately characterizing disposal pond air emissions using water samples.
Mobile Pipeline 101
July 22, 2016
Yves E. Pollart, PE, BCEE, EVP, Engineering and Development, Compass Natural Gas Partners, LP, discusses what compressed natural gas (CNG) is, mobile/virtual pipeline and its history, CNG compression terminal components and locations, and safety of CNG.
Three Topics Related to Fracking
June 7, 2016
Dr. Charles F. Mason, Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics, University of Wyoming, discusses policy issues related to hydraulic fracturings - benefits, infrastructure, and trade secrets.
Seismicity in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Seismic Network
May 19, 2016
Dr. Andrew Nyblade, Dept. of Geosciences, Penn State, discusses the research on seismic activity as part of a DCNR and DEP monitoring program
Evolving Roles of Shale Gas in Central and Distributed Power Generation Scenarios
April 28, 2016
Dr. James Freihaut, Penn State Architectural Engineering; Technical Director, eebHub at Philly Navy Yard, will discuss the various paradigms on natural gas and energy in central and distributed power generation.
Renewed Competitiveness for U.S. Plastics from Shale Energy
March 10, 2016
Martha Gilchrist Moore, Senior Director, Policy Analysis & Economics, American Chemistry Council discusses improved competiveness in petrochemicals and derivatives, current expansion in plastic products manufacturing, and expected expansion of U.S. plastics due to new announced investments in petrochemicals.
Pipeline Infrastructure Taskforce Report: Review and Next Steps
March 3, 2016
Kenneth M. Klemow, Ph.D., Associate Director, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Wilkes University, and Dave Messersmith, Marcellus Education Team Educator, Penn State Extension, both members of the Taskforce, discuss the final report.
Proppants and their Role in Hydraulic Fracturing
February 18, 2016
Marc McQuesten, Vice President of Preferred Sands/DustPRO, discusses proppants, market trends and environmental and health challenges related to proppants.
Energy Infrastructure and Cybersecurity
February 11, 2016
Commissioner Pamela A. Witmer of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) will discuss the role of PUC in energy infrastructure, with emphasis on its connection with physical security and the protection of our critical energy infrastructure.
Baseline Sampling of Water Sources in Areas of Shale Oil and Gas Development
January 21, 2016
Ann Smith and Stephen Richardson from GSI Environmental, Inc discuss ongoing research on baseline sampling protocols, focusing on variations in regulatory requirements, the effects of different sample collection methods, and critical geochemical lines of evidence for interpreting whether a change in water quality is associated with natural variability or a potential impact from oil and gas operations.
Understanding Royalties in Wet Gas Regions
December 17, 2015
Dan Brockett discusses the various components found in royalty statements from wet gas regions. Some producers may list wet gas components as added BTUs, while others may list each product separately. In addition, there may be deductions that are different from dry gas production.
Liquefied Natural Gas: From Wellhead to Geopolitics
November 19, 2015
Tom Murphy, Director of Penn State's Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR) examines the upstream side of the dynamic supplying the natural gas feedstock for LNG, the process of how it is processed for shipping, and some of the reasons that LNG is becoming a desired energy source in many countries around the world.
Public, Animal, and Environmental Health – An Early One Health Look at the Issues
October 15, 2015
David R. Wolfgang, VMD, MPH DABVP-Dairy, Field Studies Director, Co-Director, Center for Animal Care and Health, Extension Veterinarian, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Science, Penn State will look at the general issues of health research in regards to shale development.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Use in the Oil and Gas Industry
September 17, 2015
Rob Schwarz, President of Remote Intelligence, discusses what UAV’s are, the current regulatory framework of UAVs, and their potential use in the oil and gas industry.
How Marcellus and Utica Production Compares to Other Shale Basins
August 27, 2015
Will Brackett, Managing Editor, Powell Shale Digest, discusses the major US shale plays and how the Marcellus and Utica compare to them.
Best Practices for Minimizing Light and Noise Impacts to National Park Resources from Oil and Gas Facilities
July 16, 2015
Dr. Frank Turina, Program Manager, Policy Planning and Compliance, Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division of the National Park Service will take a look at best management practices for protecting park resources from noise and light originating from oil and gas facilities.
Marcellus Shale Exploration and Development in Core Forest Habitat: Effects on Forest Habitat and Wildlife
June 17, 2015
Margaret Brittingham, Penn State Extension, discusses how habitats and wildlife are changing in response to development and provides insights into ways we can minimize negative impacts through proactive planning and restoration.
Pennsylvania Shale Gas Legislations Update
May 19, 2015
Ross Pifer, Professor, Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law, discusses legislation enacted within the past year including bills that address monthly reporting requirements and lease surrender requirements. Pifer also covers a variety of topics (lessor protection, public health, and a severance tax) currently in various stages of the legislation process.
Recent Pipeline Developments: Midstream trends and project updates in the Appalachian Basin
April 16, 2015
Dave Messersmith, Penn State Extension Educator, Marcellus Education Team will discuss current pipeline projects in the Commonwealth and Northeast.
Natural Gas Liquids: From Wellhead to Fractionation
March 19, 2015
Dan Brockett, Penn State Extension Educator, Marcellus Education Team, will explain how natural gas liquids fall out in various stages of production, how these liquid gases are transported, separated, marketed, and used.
The Fracking-Water Nexus: Issues Encountered by Industry
February 19, 2015
Dr. Terry Engelder, Professor of Geosciences, Penn State University, Engelder will cover why there is such a large difference between the volume of water injected during fracture stimulation of a well and the amount of flow back.
Underground Injection Control Program
January 22, 2015
Karen Johnson, Chief Ground Water & Enforcement Branch, Philadelphia Regional Office, EPA, will discuss the Underground Injection Control (UIC) program in Pennsylvania, its implementation in the Commonwealth, and current UIC well activity.
What We Know and Don’t Know About Methane Emissions Associated With Shale Gas Production
December 11, 2014
Dr. Kenneth Davis, Professor of Meteorology, Penn State University, will review the role of greenhouse gases in the earth’s climate system, discuss the methods used to measure methane emissions from gas production, the current state of knowledge of these emissions, and current research led by Penn State to improve our knowledge of methane emissions from gas production activities.
The Bakken Part II: Responding to the Challenges & Recommendations for the Future
November 20, 2014
Deb Nelson, Vision West ND Program Manager and Daryl Dukart, Vision West ND Consortium Chair, discuss the economic reach of the oil industry the work through Vision West ND to ensure it stays healthy.
The Bakken Part I: History and Challenges of Oil Development
October 16, 2014
Vicky Steiner, Executive Director, North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties and Gerry Fisher, North Dakota Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office discuss the role government plays in the funding structure and the state’s oil and gas impact grant fund.
Analysis of Pennsylvania Shale Production Report: First Half of 2014
September 18, 2014
Matt Henderson, Shale Gas Assets Manager, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, will look at production figures for 2014 with a deeper look at production from other formations in the Commonwealth.
Natural Gas Processing and Effects on Royalty Income Streams
August 21, 2014
Steven M. Karabin, PNGE, RL, President and CEO, The Rhino Group, will provide an overview of dry and wet natural gas, the byproducts obtained from wet gas, the natural gas processing operations, and the impact on landowner royalty income streams regarding dry gas versus wet gas production.
Industry Workforce and Training
July 17, 2014
James T. Martini, Economist, PA Dept of Labor & Industry, will discuss how information is obtained in the Fast Facts, and what are the industry’s trends, employment figures, and wages. John Strittmatter, Regional Hub Director and Dan Mendell, Consutlant/Instructor, Penn College of Technology/ShaleNET US, share their experiences working in the industry have helped to offering successful training programs for oil and natural gas employers.
Utica and Point Pleasant - Where are We Now?
June 24, 2014
Manuj Nikhanj, CFA, FRM, Managing Director, Head of Energy Research, ITG, looks at the nuts and bolts of the Utica, well results, operator disclosures, economics, and how the Utica compares to the Marcellus.
World Oil and Gas Resources, Consumption, and New Trends According to US EIA
May 15, 2014
Aloulou Fawzi, Industry Economist and Project Manager, Exploration and Production Team, Energy Information Administration (EIA), will discuss current EIA's energy data in regards to the economic relationships of world energy resources and consumption and implications.
Updated Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States
May 8, 2014
Dr. Sugandha Tuladhar, Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting, will reflect on the Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG exports report and discuss how LNG exports from the United States can provide net economic benefits in all the scenarios investigated in the report.
Pennsylvania Royalty Calculations and Decline Curves
April 17, 2014
Jim Ladlee, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR), will discuss his research on developing the royalty calculation tool for Pennsylvania wells, especially the decline curves to help determine well revenues.
Land and Property Valuations with Shale Development
March 27, 2014
Jeffrey R. Kern, Senior Appraiser, Resource Technologies Corp., discusses how mineral rights and shale activity plays an important part in property values. The industry has moved from speculative buying and leasing to a mature operation based on the knowledge gained and on current market realities. Development activity, lease rates, and related property values are following this trend.
A Look at Recent Well Waste and Production Data
February 20, 2014
Matt Henderson, Shale Gas Asset Manager, and Dave Yoxtheimer, Hydrogeologist and Extension Associate, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR), examine production results on a statewide and localized level, looking at top areas of production and results by different operators, as well as review waste production records, looking at the rates of treatment, reuse and disposal.
Drilling into the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Constitutionality of Act 13
January 23, 2014
Ross Pifer, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, the Agricultural Law Resource & Reference Center and the Rural Economic Development Clinic, Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law, discusses the Supreme Court’s ruling on Act 13 issued on December 19th: what provisions have been struck down, what provisions remain, and what the existing framework is for municipal regulation.
A New Tool for Shale Gas Development: Pennsylvania Wilds Design Guide Supplement
January 16, 2014
Jim Weaver, Tioga County Planner, discusses the Oil & Gas best practices prepared by the Pennsylvania Wilds Planning Team
Drilling and Pipeline Cuttings Reclamation
December 19, 2013
Averil Rance, Vice President EH & S, and Daniel Mueller, General Manager, Drilling Services, Clean Earth discuss the testing, research, and development for demonstrating the environmental benefits of utilizing cuttings as a usable, sustainable product.
Marcellus Shale and Local Economic Activity: What the 2012 Pennsylvania State Tax Data Say
December 10, 2013
Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D., Penn State Co-Director, Center for Economic and Community Development and Professor of Agricultural Economics
Bradford County Community Planning: Resources for the Community
November 21, 2013
Raymond J. Stolinas Jr., AICP, Planning Director, Bradford County Office of Community Planning and Grants, shares what the County provides for shale information outreach to the community and industry. The Community Guidebook is an example of one of the many county resources.
Pennsylvania Natural Gas Pipeline Roundup
October 18, 2013
Dave Messersmith, Penn State Marcellus Education Team Educator
Marcellus Reserves and Estimates Substantiated by Production Data
September 19, 2013
Dr. Terry Engelder, Professor of Geosciences, Penn State University, provides production data and decline curves to help understand the Marcellus reserves.
Pennsylvania Production Figures
August 27, 2013
Matt Henderson, Shale Gas Asset Manager, Community & Economic Development, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)
Shale Gas Legislation Update: Understanding The Oil and Gas Lease Act
July 23, 2013
Ross Pifer, Director, Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center, Penn State Dickinson School of Law, breaks down the major parts of the Oil and Gas Lease Act, (also known as SB259).
A Shale Open Forum with Extension
July 22, 2013
Jon Laughner, Dan Brockett, and Matt Henderson, Penn State, Marcellus Education Team
Natural Gas Liquids Regional Development Webinar
June 20, 2013
James Cutler, President of Macle Inc. and CEO of Appalachian Resins
Shale Energy Development's Effect on the Posting, Bonding, and Maintenance of Roads in Rural PA
May 16, 2013
Mark E. Gaines, PE, Marcellus Shale Project Manager, PA Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Maintenance and Operations Roadway Management, and Tim Ziegler, Field Operations Specialist, Larson Transportation Institute, Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies, discuss PennDOT's posting and bonding program and municipal options in regards to shale development.
Information on Potential Loyalsock State Forest Natural Gas Development
April 25, 2013
Arianne Proctor, DCNR Marcellus Program Manager, Secretary Richard Allan, DCNR, and Dan Devlin, DCNR State Forester
The Utica Reservoir: Will It Live Up to Its Promise?
April 25, 2013
Michael A. Arthur, Professor of Geosciences and Co-Director of Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research at the Pennsylvania State University, explores what the Utica Shale is, its potential, and latest issues and trends.
A Geochemical Context for Stray Gas Investigations in the Northern Appalachian Basin
March 21, 2013
Fred Baldassare, Senior Geoscientist with ECHELON Applied Geoscience Consulting, discusses the various sources of methane and the need to review each case individually to determine methane origin.
Evaluating the Scientific Support of Conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Shale Gas Extraction in the Appalachian Basin
February 21, 2013
Scott Bearer, Senior Scientist and Tamara Gagnolet, Energy Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy, provide an overview of the assessment of various conservation practices related to shale gas extraction and which best-management practices are most supported by the science.
America's New Industrial Revolution: A Renaissance for US Chemical Manufacturing
January 17, 2013
Dan Borne', President Louisiana Chemical Association, discusses how shale plays are revolutionizing manufacturing in the United States. Dan covers some of the labor implications, business opportunities, and expected impacts within the manufacturing sector.
Shale Energy and Water Impacts: A Review of Recently Published Research
December 20, 2012
David Yoxtheimer, PG, Hydrogeologist/Associate, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, reviews the implications from recent publications and identifies areas where additional research efforts are needed.
Analyzing the Options for Monetizing the Shale Gas Resource
November 15, 2012
Uday Turaga, Founder & CEO of ADI Analytics LLC
Reading Royalty Checks
October 18, 2012
Jackie Root, Certified Mineral Manager, & President of NARO Pennsylvania Chapter and Steve Karabin, Sr. VP/Marcellus Minerals Asset Advisor, Clermont Wealth Strategies, Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer, & Registered Landman, AAPL
The Shale Gas Resource: Evolving Economics and Trends
September 13, 2012
Tom Murphy, Co-Director, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research
Zoning Provisions in PA Act 13: What the Recent Commonwealth Court Ruling Means
August 9, 2012
Attorney Steve Saunders, Saunders Law LLC and Scott Coburn, General Counsel, PSATS
Special Webinar Series on the New Shale Gas Impact Fee: Act 13
March 16, 2012
Two webinars providing a detailed examination of the shale gas well impact fee signed into law February 14th. The March 15th program is geared for the public and the March 22nd program is for Local officials.
Municipality's Roles, Water Use, & Protections
March 16, 2012
Charlie Abdalla, Penn State University, Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology and Peter Wulfhorst, Penn State Extension Educator, Pike County
Transportation Patterns and Impacts for Marcellus Development
February 16, 2012
R. Scott Christie, Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration, PennDOT, and Mark Murawski, Lycoming County Transportation Planner
Seismic Testing: What’s It All About?
January 19, 2012
Dennis Langlois, CGG Veritas, Sales and Ken Hall, Centre Co. NG Task Force outline the steps involved in 3-D seismic surveying and seismic testing considerations on your land.
Natural Gas Development's Impact on Forestlands
December 18, 2011
Ellen Shultzabarger, Chief, Forest Resource Planning, Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources and Tony Quadro, Forester and Asst. District Manager, Westmoreland Conservation District. The webinar looks at ways to manage challenges and impacts in both State forests and private forests.
Natural Gas Development and Impacts on Agriculture
November 11, 2011
Mark Madden and Gary Sheppard, Penn State Extension Educators
Compressor Sites: Necessities and Expectations
October 20, 2011
Glenn Wininger, Project Manager, Englobal Engineering, Inc.
Current Legal Issues in Marcellus Shale Development
September 15, 2011
Ross Pifer, Penn State University, Dickinson School of Law
A Research Update on the Effects of Marcellus Shale Drilling on Wildlife Habitat
August 26, 2011
Margaret Brittingham, Penn State University, Professor of Wildlife Resources
Pipeline Development and Regulation in Pennsylvania
July 22, 2011
Dave Messersmith, Penn State Marcellus Education Team and Paul Metro, Gas Safety Supervisor, Pennsylvania Utilities Commission
The Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Short-Term Ambient Air Sampling Project
June 16, 2011
Nick Lazor, Chief, DEP Air Quality Monitoring Division, discusses findings and conclusions of DEP studies of emissions from gas sites.
The Impacts of the Natural Gas Industry on Landfill Operations
May 19, 2011
Jay B. Alexander, General Manager, Wayne Township Landfill, and Larry Shilling, Regional Vice President, Casella Waster Systems, discuss the process, types of waste and considerations in natural gas waste products on landfills
Trends in Leases, Royalties, and Well Production in the Marcellus
April 21, 2011
Les Greevy, Greevy & Associates and Kris Vanderman, Vanderman Law Associates
Natural Gas Well Development and Emergency Response & Management
March 17, 2011
Craig Konkle, Lycoming County Dept. of Public Safety, discusses the goals and objectives of Public safety in regards to natural gas well development, training, and tools that are available.
Gas Tax Issues for Landowners
February 16, 2011
Mike Jacobson, Penn State Forest Resources
Marcellus Shale Legislation: What was Accomplished in the 2009-10 Session and What Issues Remain to be Addressed
January 20, 2011
Ross Pifer, Director, Agricultural Law Resource & Reference Center, Dickinson Law School, Penn State University
Plumbing the Depths in Pa: A Primer on Marcellus Shale Geology and Technology
December 16, 2010
Michael A. Arthur, Penn State University, Dept. of Geosciences and MCOR, takes an in-depth look at Marcellus - distribution, characteristics, joint systems, and drilling into it.
PA Dept of Environmental Protection's Regulatory Update
November 18, 2010
Dana Aunkst and Eugene Pine , Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Department
Water Use and Water Re-use/Recycling in Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration and Production
October 21, 2010
Dave Yoxtheimer, Penn State University, and Tony Gaudlip, Range Resources
Natural Gas Experiences of Marcellus Residents: Preliminary Results from the Community Satisfaction Survey
September 16, 2010
Kathy Brasier, Penn State University
Local Natural Gas Task Force Initiatives
August 19, 2010
Mark Smith, Bradford County Commissioner, Pamela Tokar-Ickes, Somerset County Commissioner, and Paul Heimel, Potter County Commissioner
Natural Gas Development Land Use Controls in Lycoming County
July 15, 2010
Kurt Hausammann, Lycoming County Planning Commission
Susquehanna River Basin Commission's Remote Water Quality Monitoring Network and River Alert Information Network (RAIN) in Southwest Pennsylvania
June 17, 2010
Andrew Gavin, Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) and Jeanne VanBriesen, Carnegie Mellon University
If We Knew What We Know Now...A Decade of Lessons Learned from Urban Drilling in Fort Worth
May 20, 2010
Sarah Fullenwider, Senior Assistant City Attorney for Fort Worth Texas discussing community issues arising from drilling in Texas
Perspectives on Marcellus Shale Development in Southwest Pennsylvania
April 29, 2010
Gary Sheppard, Penn State Extension Educator, Westmoreland County.
Marcellus Shale Impact: What Do the Economic Impact Studies Imply?
March 18, 2010
Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D., State Program Leader, Economic & Community Development, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Underground Injection Wells as an Option for Disposal of Shale Gas Wastewaters: Policies and Practicality
February 18, 2010
Karen D. Johnson, Chief, Ground Water & Enforcement Branch, US EPA, Region 3, Philadelphia
Understanding Royalties and Death Taxes
January 26, 2010
Lester Greevy, Esq., Greevy & Associates
What Happens Next, Lessons Learned to Date
January 21, 2010
Tom Murphy, Extension Educator, Marcellus Education Team, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Marcellus Shale Legislation and Litigation: A Year in Review
December 17, 2009
Ross H. Pifer, J.D., LL.M., Director, The Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center, Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law.
Leasing and Drilling on State Owned Lands
November 19, 2009
Nathan S Bennett, Sr. Geologic Scientist, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, Minerals Section, discusses the DCNR Oil and Gas program and the leasing process.
Community Response Options to Marcellus Shale and Energy Development
September 17, 2009
Kathy Brasier, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, and Walt Whitmer, Extension Associate, Economic and Community Development, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Marcellus Shale Workforce Needs Assessment
August 27, 2009
A method to assess workforce needs for extracting and developing Marcellus shale gas
Marcellus Shale -Planning for Community Impacts
June 25, 2009
What communities can consider when determining municipal impacts
Governments' Roles in Natural Gas Development
May 21, 2009
Ross Pifer, Director Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center, Penn State Dickinson School of Law
Above the Marcellus Shale - Minimizing Impacts to Forests and Wildlife
March 18, 2009
Margaret Brittingham, Professor of Wildlife Resources and Extension Wildlife Specialist
Considerations When Negotiating a Lease: Impact of the Current Economical Environment
January 22, 2009
Tom Murphy, Penn State Extension Educator, Agricultural Sciences/Energy Development