Natural Gas Taxation

Tax resources for landowners, their clients, and other professionals involved in gas production.

See events for workshops that cover income, property, severance and estate tax issues. Interested audiences include accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, estate planners, insurance agents and landowners. Topics covered include economic interest, valuation, lease bonuses, royalties, cost and percentage depletion, estate planning and other relevant issues.


This guide is written for the landowner leasing the oil, gas, and mineral (OGM) rights on the property (lessor), not the producer or lessee (usually a gas company). You as the landowner are potentially liable for income, property, and estate taxes from your land and then atural resources therein, primarily OGM, crops, livestock, and timber.

If you are a property owner in northern, southwestern, or central Pennsylvania, there's a chance that you are leasing your property, or considering leasing your property, for natural gas exploration and drilling. This publication is meant to be a financial management tool for property owners, covering the basics of what you need to know, how to manage your income from natural gas leasing, and what to consider when making financial decisions.

This article provides insights from a study on municipal governments in Susquehanna and Washington Counties-two Pennsylvania counties that have been experiencing significant Marcellus shale gas development. The study focused on how gas development is affecting the demand for municipal government services and the tax and other revenues those governments are receiving to help pay for those services.