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Webinar: 9-17-09. Kathy Brasier, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, and Walt Whitmer, Extension Associate, Economic and Community Development, Penn State Cooperative Extension

The Impact of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case Law on Oil and Gas Act Preemption Video Presentations

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On August 19, Dr. Timothy Kelsey participated in Marywood University’s ‘Marcellus Shale Forum,’ where he discussed the economic and community implications of Marcellus.

May 21, 2009 webinar. Ross Pifer, Director Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center, Penn State Dickinson School of Law. The content of this webinar was prepared by Ross Pifer. Due to technical difficulties, the voice heard from approximately 18:50 to 39:39 is that of Moderator Charlie Abdalla. During that time, Prof. Abdalla was reading from a script of content that had been prepared by Mr. Pifer. The dead time associated with the technical problems have been edited out of this recorded version.

3-18-10 Webinar and Q & A. Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D., State Program Leader, Economic & Community Development, Penn State Cooperative Extension

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Neal Fogle, Educator Economic and Community Development,Penn State Cooperative Extension 6-25-09

J. Scott Roberts, Deputy Secretary for Mineral Resources Management DEP