Report Evaluates Petrochemical and Plastics Manufacturing Opportunities in Pennsylvania
March 27, 2017
An independent report by IHS Markit, forecasts $2.7 to $3.7 billion in investments of natural gas liquid (NGL) assets and a potential for more manufacturing.
Pennsylvania natural gas production set a record in 2016
March 21, 2017
Despite the commodities downturn that dogged Appalachian producers for most of 2016, natural gas production in Pennsylvania set another record last year (more...)
Estimates of emissions from natural gas-fueled plants much too low, study finds
March 20, 2017
Overall, natural gas plants are still better than coal for the environment
DEP Issues Review of Seismic Events in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
March 20, 2017
The state of Pennsylvania is not known to be located in a region subject to significant seismic activity, although it does contain two active seismic zones (more)....