Cleveland State University Releases Three Studies Addressing the Economic Impacts of Utica Shale Development in Ohio
November 25, 2015
A short synopsis of the three studies on economic impacts of Utica Shale Development in Ohio.
The Trend of Electric Power Generation Fuels
November 11, 2015
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported earlier how electric generation from natural gas has been on the rise. How does that break down by state?
Study Looks at Regional Economy and Shale Production
November 10, 2015
Dartmouth College researchers publish "Geographic Dispersion of Economic Evidence from the Fracking Revolution", looking at the economic impacts in producing counties and throughout the whole region.
Financing for Panda Hummel Station Power Plant Announced
November 1, 2015
The retired Sunbury coal-fired power plant in Snyder County will be converted to a natural gas powered station by the first quarter of 2018; it's considered to be one of the largest coal-to-natural gas power conversion projects in the US.