Pennsylvania Production, Consumption and Well Inventory
August 31, 2014
The recent unconventional production report from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection certainly illustrated the massive amount of natural gas being produced from a relatively small number of unconventional wells. (more...)
2014 Unconventional Well Production Data
August 21, 2014
DEP released the most current data for unconventional wells in Pennsylvania and once again the production figures have shown a dramatic increase. (more...)
Penn State Shale Webinar Looks at How Natural Gas Processing Affects Royalty Income Streams
August 17, 2014
Much has been in the news regarding wet and dry gas, and the need for gas processing plants to separate components other than methane often found in wet gas. How does dry gas and wet gas production affect the landowner and the royalty income? (more...)
Appalachian Basin Decline Curve and Royalty Estimation (Part 2)
August 3, 2014
The royalty calculator has been a much asked for tool for landowners to estimate royalties, but past royalty estimations weren't based on Pennsylvania data. Learn about expected ultimate recovery in Pennsylvania wells and the release of the new royalty estimation tool.