Appalachian Basin Decline Curve and Royalty Estimation (Part 1)
July 27, 2014
The royalty calculator has been a much asked for tool for landowners to estimate royalties, but past royalty estimations weren't based on Pennsylvania data. Learn what factors are involved in determining royalty calculations and of the new royalty calculator in this two-part article.
The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play
July 20, 2014
The Marcellus shale has been quoted as the largest unconventional natural gas reservoir in the nation. New stories about the Utica, the Bakken, and the Eagle Ford soon joined the ranks . The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play is a rising star in the list of unconventional plays in the US
2014 Pipeline Roundup: Moving Marcellus and Utica Production to New Markets
July 6, 2014
Surging natural gas production in the Marcellus and Utica shales are moving in nearly every direction. Previous increases in takeaway capacity out of the Appalachian basin were largely upgrades and expansions of existing transmission lines. However as more takeaway capacity is needed, midstream operators are turning to ‘greenfield’ projects (new pipeline construction) to deliver natural gas to new, high demand markets throughout the Eastern US. (more...)