Marcellus Shale Gas Development and PA School Districts: What Are the Implications for School Expenditures and Tax Revenue?

Posted: April 8, 2012

This new publication looks at to what extent Marcellus activity impacts Pennsylvania Schools

Natural gas exploration in Pennsylvania has sparked numerous discussions on the economic opportunities created.  To what extent has this economic activity affected Pennsylvania school districts, which rely heavily on local funding?  A new Penn State study looks at this question.

The impacts of revenue and costs to school districts with varying degrees of Marcellus activity were considered in this study.  Revenue from school district taxes and costs based on student enrollment and special education were reviewed.  The study also looked at Act 1 of Special Session 2005-2006 and the role it may have for school districts as an alternative local tax option.  Leasing school district land was discussed as well.  The full study can be found here .