Local Penn State Extension Educator Shares Resources of County Gas Task Forces

Posted: July 25, 2010

Penn State Extension works with county Natural Gas Task Forces

By Jim Clark, Extension Educator

As the local Penn State Extension Educator based in McKean County, working in water resources education, I am meeting on a regular basis with the County Natural Gas Task Forces in Cameron, Elk, and Potter County.  The most important role I try to play on these committees is to share the many natural gas and water related resources from Penn State Extension with the committee members. I also try to act as a communication bridge between the committees. The work of these local committees can often benefit other gas task forces and the entire Pennsylvania community, if the information is shared.

For instance, located at the Potter County Natural Gas Task Force has placed their current newsletter as well as past issues. Paul Heimel, Potter County Commissioner and the Task Force’s Education Committee do an excellent job of putting this newsletter together and it tries to balance news from the environmental world and industry. It is an excellent resource for people trying to find current information in the natural gas world related to Pennsylvania.

The Elk County Natural Gas Committee is putting together a Natural Gas Expo for October 13 and 14, 2010, in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. This is a combined effort between Cameron, Clearfield, Jefferson, and Elk Counties. The web address for this event is and will be updated as we get closer to the event. The Penn State Extension Water Resources Team will be hosting a Water and Gas Workshop at this event. 

Penn State Extension can be an important educational resource for local community gas task forces. Thoughtful discussion and sharing about community changes related to the development of the gas industry can benefit all of the gas task force members and the sectors they represent.