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Swimming through Wood
August 14, 2017
I've said this so many times in this blog, it truly has become repetitious. But, again, there certainly seems to be no limit to the imagination of what can be done with wood via videography. From a post in Slate: "For his dazzling “Woodswimmer” video above, filmmaker Brett Foxwell, who goes by bfophoto, used a process he describes as “brutally tedious.” The results, though: Wow. What you’re
G.I. Loggers in Burma (1945)
August 1, 2017
As I was digging through old documents related to the Penn State wood collection, I came across this article, a release of February 16, 1945 by the National Lumber Manufacturers Association. Too bad it wasn't made into a movie script. You loggers and mill hands who think you've got it tough today will feel better after reading about these guys. I've reproduced it here as closely as possible to
Is Building About to Take Off, or Not?
June 20, 2017
On my way to work this morning, I took a slightly different route across campus and was taken by surprise by the number of construction projects I was forced to detour around. My first thought was that you Penn State alumni out there who Go Wood would be interested in seeing some of the changes. So I snapped a few photos... It started simply enough, with a sidewalk detour. But then... Oh,
No Surprise Here: Maine Lumber Firm is Building a Biomass Plant
March 15, 2017
From the Bangor (Maine) Daily News comes an interesting update on the ongoing biomass energy front... With mills struggling, a Maine lumber firm is building a biomass plant Source: Bangor Daily News SEARSMONT, Maine — The shuttering and shrinking of paper mills has forced businesses across the forest products industry to take a fresh look at their approach. At Robbins Lumber, a
New Features and Venues for Go Wood
March 2, 2017
Go Wood continues to get bigger, better, and badder. On the left you'll see two new "pages" for Sam's Cartoons of the Week, and one for Timberline Magazine. Sam Richardson is a buddy (can I call you that, Sam?) in Bradford, Pennsylvania, who manages a bunch of hardwood dry kilns for a great company that I will name if they give me a kickback. In his spare time, Sam doodles, and starting

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