Urban and Community Forestry

Regional extension urban foresters help communities manage their trees and green spaces properly and safely through technical advice, educational workshops, and grants that promote proper tree planting and tree care.

Over 80 percent of Pennsylvania's population live in towns and cities, most of which do not have the expertise to take care of their trees properly. Tree-lined streets and parks beautify our communities, enhance them economically, and improve the quality of our environment.

Urban and Community Forestry News

Conducting a Community Tree Inventory
January 14, 2015
Street and park tree inventories provide information for the planning, design, planting, maintenance, and removal of community trees. It provides facts that can be used to justify starting and funding a community tree program.
A Green Solution to Stormwater Management
August 4, 2014
As our landscapes grow and develop, the health of our streams and rivers have been impaired. What we do on the land, or what we cover it with, affects the quantity (volume and velocity) and quality (pollutant levels) of the rainfall that enters our waterways; what many call stormwater.