Will bats stop logging in PA?
December 16, 2012
White nose syndrome is killing our bats. The bats use forested areas in the summer months. So of the species are listed as endangered species we talking about potential limits to logging activity from April to November.
3rd Quarter TMR
November 15, 2012
3rd Quarter TMR is up and can be accessed by clicking the above link. Dr. Jacobson's comments: Not much change since last quarter but if since housing starts and renovations are on the rise we should start to see the market pick up. I am hearing that sales are competitive reflecting mills wanting to start stocking up for increasing demand.
PA Forest inventory data are revealing
November 15, 2012
Forest area increased 1% since 2006 but issues loom on the horizon.
Agroforestry in Europe
October 30, 2012
As president of the Association for Temperate Agroforestry I has the opportunity to attend the 1st European Agroforestry Conference in October. Here is a summary I wrote about that meeting.
Update on Inheritance Tax Exemption
September 4, 2012
A little more information is available, but will the courts get involved to clarify rules?
2nd Quarter 2012 TMR
August 7, 2012
2nd Quarter 2012 TMR is up and can be accessed by clicking the above link.
PA inheritance tax eliminated for forest landowners
July 2, 2012
Forest landowners in PA will not have to pay PA inheritance tax if their land passes to heirs.
The Politics of Global Forest Conservation
June 29, 2012
The recent Rio+20 Summit did little to move the forest conservation agenda forward - should I be surprised?
1st Quarter 2012 TMR
May 25, 2012
1st Quarter 2012 TMR is up and can be accessed by clicking the above link.
Dr. Jacobson's 1st Quarter 2012 Comments
May 25, 2012
No significant changes this quarter. Prices for the most part are remaining stable. There seems to be a slight increase in prices for higher grade material. However there is no discernible pattern as the economy struggles to recover.
Shale gas in South Africa
April 1, 2012
In addition to my forest related work in Africa, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a shale gas conference in South Africa. Here are some observations...
Northern forests growing, but beware
March 17, 2012
USDA Forest Service scientists recently released an assessment that shows forest land has expanded in northern states during the past century despite a 130-percent population jump and relentless environmental threats.
4th Quarter 2011 TMR
February 17, 2012
The 4th quarter 2011 TMR is up and can be accessed by clicking the above link.
Dr. Jacobson's 4th Quarter 2011 Comments
February 17, 2012
This is the first quarter in while where on average most individual species prices have nudged upward since the previous quarter. The increase is minimal but it does suggest some stability in the markets as the trend is positive. Factors for this up tick include rebuilding low inventories, higher bids on public lands, and stronger export markets. Higher grade lumber is still relatively weak compared to other products.
A Successful Educational Retreat
February 16, 2012
On a colorful fall weekend this October, twenty-one women landowners headed out to Camp Susque in Trout Run, PA for the inaugural Women and Their Woods Educational Retreat.