Tending Your Forest

There are many options to consider when you own forests, have a woodlot, or have trees in your backyard. Consider working with trained professionals as well as peer forest landowners who can help you sustain your forest.

Just as you would use a financial adviser to achieve your retirement goals, a professional forester can guide you in reaching your goals for your forest.

Trees and other plants have often been called factories because they convert light energy into chemical energy. Through a process called photosynthesis, the leaves capture solar energy by converting carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen into complex sugars - the products of photosynthesis.

Forest ecology is the study of life in areas where the predominant vegetation is trees. Ecology examines the relationship between trees, wildlife, and other plants. It also helps us understand our impact on the environment.

Silviculture is the art and science of managing forests based on the long-term objectives of the landowner. It mimics nature by creating controlled disturbances through harvesting timber. A harvest should focus on what you leave to grow more than what you are taking.

Our trees are a renewable resource and there are many products that come from these trees, including lumber and wood chips (paper mills).

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are universally accepted activities that have positive effects or minimize negative effects on the forest ecosystem.

Stewardship plans is a voluntary program to help landowners learn to how to improve and maintain the ecological health of their land. You decide what you want to do on your land, and the Stewardship Plan program links you with the people who can help you do it correctly!

Your forest offers a variety of activities and educational opportunities for families.

As you tend your forest, consider talking with your fellow forest landowners about their forests, management objectives, and experience caring for their forest.

Accomplishing forest stewardship goals might require professional assistance, information and data. The goal of this artcle is to help you achieve your goals through a suite of seven stewardship principles.