Collecting Maple Sap

The traditional way of collecting maple sap to produce maple syrup is with buckets, while the more modern way is with tubing systems.

Tubing systems have begun to dominate maple sap production in Pennsylvania. Currently, four of every five maple producers use some tubing. Utilization of tubing decreases the labor involved in sap collection and may allow a producer to spend time more efficiently. This publication outlines the proper way to install a tubing system. It is designed to be used by those new to using tubing systems

Aerial tubing systems are set up so that at every step in the process the sap is flowing down hill or is under some sort of positive pressure. Dips in the line will reduce flow dramatically. This should be considered at all steps of the installation process.

To increase your sap flow from your aerial tubing system, consider adding an artificial vacuum to the system.

Upgrading your sap collection method with the installation of a tubing system.