Maple Syrup

The maple industry produces a wide-range of quality products with most production still going into syrup.

Native Americans were the first people to enjoy maple sugar. When settlements of North Americans began, sugaring expanded rapidly. Until tropical sugar sources became easily accessible, maple sugar ruled as a sweetener. With the increase in availability of imported sugar, the maple industry switched to the production of syrup.  Maple syrup is considered by many to be the ultimate natural product.

Anybody that has access to a few healthy, tappable (10 inch or bigger) maples can make maple syrup.  Red, sugar, black, silver, and several others can be used; however, sugar and black are the best.  Maple sugaring can vary from extremely small scale hobbyist that only tap one or two trees to operations with more than 10,000 taps.  As with all enterprises, the best way to get into sugaring is to start as a hobbyist or work at a larger operation.  After you have learned the "business," your enterprise will have a greater chance of success.