In Pennsylvania there are variety of agroforestry practices such as forest farming, windbreaks, silvopasture, buffer strips and alley crops. To find out more about agroforestry visit the website of the Association for Temperate Agroforestry where you can find definitions of agroforestry and events. One of the more exciting options for landowners in PA is forest farming by cultivating non timber forest products (NTFPS). See publications for our series on NTFPs.

Nontimber Forest Products Series

This publication details the cultivation, collection, and laws regarding American ginseng.

Nontimber forest products (NTFPs) include plant leaves, roots, and fruits, as well as mushrooms, nuts, and cones. This publication is the second in a series to discuss the collection and husbandry of popular NTFPs found in Pennsylvania and the region. Here, the medicinal plant goldenseal is reviewed. Uses and commerce, occurrence in Pennsylvania, biology, collection guidelines, forest farming, woods-cultivated versus wild-simulated goldenseal, and economic implications are discussed.

Collecting nontimber forest products (NTFPs) from private and public lands in Pennsylvania is a time-honored tradition that provides many with income and enjoyment. This publication explores collecting forest mosses from logs, rocks, and the forest floor. Note: This publication is not available in hard copy from the Publications Distribution Center.