Green Infrastructure Webinar Series

Learn how "Green Infrastructure" such as open space, forests, parks, street trees, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavers, and rain barrels are helping to conserve viable natural resources and capture, infiltrate and evapo-transpire rain where it falls.
Curbside infiltration planter in State College, PA

Curbside infiltration planter in State College, PA

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Green Infrastructure improves both the quality of life and environment in our communities.

As we continue to change our landscape converting fields and forests to buildings, parking lots and lawns, we fragment forests and other productive landscapes and impact our streams, lakes and rivers with polluted stormwater runoff.

These new "green" practices are not only cost effective, saving communities scares resources, they provide a wealth of additional benefits or ecological services.

The green infrastructure incorporated into our communities will improve air quality by removing pollutants and particulate matter, as well as reducing emissions through temperature reductions and energy conservation.

Human health benefits from green infrastructure not only include air and water quality improvements, but social and psychological benefits from connection with greenery and nature that include stress reduction, lower blood pressure, shorter surgery recovery times for patience, lower workplace absenteeism, improved concentration, reduced ADHD symptoms, reduced crime and domestic violence, and lower obesity rates due to greener, walkable communities.

Green infrastructure also provide communities with tangible economic benefits such as increase property values, improved business districts, tourism, attractiveness to relocating business and residents, grey infrastructure cost savings, and new green jobs from a growing industry that installs and maintains the green infrastructure (green roofs, street trees, rain gardens, etc.).

Join us for the Green Infrastructure Webinar Series as we explore how green infrastructure can put our communities and our landscapes on the road to sustainability. The first in this series will concentrate on introducing Green Infrastructure and structural systems such as bio-swales, green roofs and stormwater management. Beginning in late summer, the webinars will discuss non-structural topics such as open space conservation, green infrastructure elements, natural resource conservation standards, and conflict resolution.

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