Types of Anaerobic Digesters

Complete mixed digester vessels are insulated and maintained at a constant elevated temperature, in the mesophilic or thermophilic range.

A covered lagoon digester is a large anaerobic lagoon (not a manure storage pond or basin) with a long retention time and a high dilution factor.

A fixed film digester vessel is filled with an inert medium or packing that provides a very large surface area for microbial growth.

A plug flow digester vessel is a long narrow (typically a 5:1 ratio; 5 times as long as the width) insulated and heated tank made of reinforced concrete, steel or fiberglass with a gas tight cover to capture the biogas.

Tinesdale Farm is a dairy operation in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. They have about 1,800 milking cows and and about 600 dry. The farm produces 50,000 gpd of manure and other materials for treatment.