Consultants, Equipment Dealers and Funding

This list in not meant to be all inclusive or intended to delete any entity, or constitute an endorsement of a company or individual or to be a product endorsement of a company.

Consultants and Designers

Safety Note

Everyone has an obligation to design, supply, buy, operate and maintain biogas production systems that are safe for workers and visitors.

Equipment Vendors

Safety Note

Design, construction and operation of a biogas system must consider safety of workers and visitors.

  • Integrity Nutrient Control Systems, Inc.: supply and install equipment
  • Caterpillar Engine Company: Electrical Power Systems-generator sets, auto transfer switches (ATS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and switch-gear
  • Martin Machinery Inc.: generator sets, gas meters, electrical switch gear controls
  • Waukesha Engine Dresser Inc.: gaseous-fueled reciprocating engines for methane, generator sets, generators
  • Cummins Power Generation: generator sets, transfer switches, switchgear
  • Babcock & Wilcox Company: electric power with boiler products
  • Perennial Energy, Inc.: design and manufacturer of thermal recovery systems with co-generation or boiler systems, gas handling systems, control panels, exhaust gas heat exchangers and flares
  • Global Power Supply: supplier of new, new surplus and reconditioned electric power equipment (30 different brand names) for steam and gas turbines, compressors and boilers, diesel and gas generators, large and small pumps, transformers and switchgear, transmission and distribution equipment and other related components. Also specialize in providing quick delivery on emergency equipment requirements and locating hard to find manufacturer discontinued products
  • Flaregas Corporation: manufacture and market flares and other combustion equipment
  • Groth Corporation: manufactures flares, flame and detonation arresters, pressure/vacuum relief valves, blanket gas regulators and other low pressure relief products
  • Cady Inc.: offers FAN brand manure solid-liquid separation equipment, Houle hydraulic manure pumps, manure separators, articulation pumps and underground pumps, complete digester systems by Engineered Storage Products Company, Harvestore and Slurrystore structures and products by Alliance, Waste Stream Solutions, Animat, tecTank, Flygt and Aeration/Grain systems.
  • ITT Industries (ITT Flygt Corportation): the world’s largest pump producer and a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment, brands names such as Flygt, Goulds, Bell & Gusset, A-C Pump, Lowara, Vogel, Sanitaire, Aquious and WEDECO. Also supplies mixers, heat exchangers and related products. Offers replacement parts and repair services.
  • Engineered Textile Products, Inc.: biogas covers, floating covers, liners and other environmental products
  • Riordan Materials Corp.: impermeable covers and lagoon liners
  • Fluid Components International: manufacturer of mass flow meters for digester biogas and flare gas


Safety Note
Designers and venders of digesters and equipment should be familiar with and able to explain safety requirements for their systems.