Warm Season Grass Producers to hold Annual Meeting

Posted: May 25, 2017

The recently formed Association of Warm Season Grass Producers Announces its Summer Meeting for June 24

This year's summer meeting of the Association of Warm Season Grass Producers will be held on June 24 at Wood Crest Farm in Wapwallopen PA. The afternoon event includes discussions and demonstrations of topics, recent research, and market development efforts by the group.

Currently, warm season grass production in the region is widely distributed and is characterized by smaller acreage operations. The association aims to work collaboratively to identify and address new market opportunities for these crops that will lead to stable and sustainable growth of the market, and an increase in the production and use of warm season grasses throughout the region. While energy is often the focus for these crops, complementary uses, such as bedding, erosion control, and sorbtion, have a significant role to play in the sector. Penn State Extension works with ASWGP to find these opportunities and provide information to individuals and groups that are interested in the topic. Growers, buyers, and interested parties alike are encouraged to participate. For more information, visit the AWSGP website.

Contact Information

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.
  • Assistant Professor and Research Associate
Phone: 814-863-3484