Energy Cost Comparison Charts

With the high prices of energy, more and more people want to know what the best fuel is for heating purposes. A frequently asked question this year is: "Would it be cheaper for me to heat my home with propane or electricity?"

This question is very timely considering that the price of propane is still high while the price of electricity has been relatively stable in some parts of Pennsylvania.

Energy Selector is a user-friendly decision aide for easily comparing the heating values available from any two energy sources. The following input data were used for developing each Energy Selector chart:

  1. The thermal energy contents of the two energy sources being compared
  2. The overall thermal efficiency for each energy source and its combustion unit
  3. The unit price of each energy source

If you do not know the unit price of any particular energy source, you can use the default value that is provided.

To obtain the Energy Selector of interest to you, simply choose the two energy sources to be compared from the drop-down menus below. (Note that there is no difference, for example, between a "shelled corn vs. propane" comparison and a "propane vs. shelled corn" comparison.)

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Energy Cost Comparison Charts

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