Alternative Energy Credits

Penn State Extension works to help citizens better understand and take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that are associated with marketing alternative energy credits (AECs) for energy production.

The passing of Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (Act 213) set in motion a series of events that are helping spur on a renewable electrical energy and energy conservation industry in Pennsylvania. Understanding these developments is important in taking advantage of the opportunities now available for renewable and alternative energy production. This fact sheet describes the purpose and background of the bill, including a discussion of the bill's central provision: the Alternative Energy Credit.

Regulatory obstacles impede market development needed for full implementation of alternative energy portfolio standards legislation.

Credits can be sold for greenhouse gas reducing activities or other pollution-reducing measures, but the most common form of credit is for the production of renewable electricity. Alternative energy credits are a relatively new opportunity for Pennsylvanians, and they can dramatically improve the economics of renewable energy production. However, it is often not a simple matter to sell your credits, or to get a good deal on them.

Penn State's AEC Program: What do we do?

Educational Information

We create informational material to help educate people on the "ins and outs" of alternative energy credits. The links at the right side of the page lead to those resources.

Presentations and Workshops

Penn State specialists regularly deliver presentations on alternative energy credits at workshops and meetings throughout the state.

The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Generators Co-op

Penn State Cooperative Extension administers this cooperative venture that allows smaller producers of alternative energy to "band together" - leading to an easier and more financially worthwhile way to market their energy credits.

For more information about this program, or if you are interested in being part of the Alternative Energy Generators Co-op, contact Ed Johnstonbaugh at or 724-837-1402.