Reseed Flooded Areas Of Spring Planted Forages

Posted: July 24, 2015

Many fields of spring planted forages have areas where the forage didn’t survive the wet conditions. Extension Forage Specialist Marvin Hall explains it is possible to reseed those areas this August or early September and have a solid stand next spring.

The biggest concern of following a crop with the same crop (for example trying to seed alfalfa into a thin stand of alfalfa) has to do with pests and plant chemicals that have built up over time. Since last spring’s seeding never established in those low lying areas, these problems don’t exist. Lightly tilling or no-tilling forages back into those areas will have the same potential for success as if the area had been fallow.

Remember the two rules for successful forage establishment. First don’t plant deeper than 3/8 inch and second ensure good seed to soil contact.


(Contributed by Leon J. Ressler, District 17 Director as part of his Now Is The Time column for July 18, 2015.)