Honor The Mothers In Your Life

Posted: May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day is a celebration observed in over 40 countries around the world...

The day of honor is deeply rooted in history. According to Dr. Sam Quick, Human Development and Family Relations Extension Specialist with the University of Kentucky, the earliest known recognition of the event goes back to ancient Greece and the springtime celebrations in honor of Rhea, the mother of gods. Dr. Quick adds that in the United States the idea for Mother’s Day is usually attributed to Anna Jarvis, who apparently held a 1907 service in a West Virginia church to honor the memory of her own mother. As the celebration of mothers began to spread across the nation, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914.
     Here are some idea starters for honoring the mothers in your life provided by Dr. Quick. Use your own creativity to come up with other possibilities:
     * Serve  breakfast in bed, along with a bouquet of flowers and the morning paper.
     * Hand deliver one or more flowers to your mom at her place of work, or treat her to lunch at a favorite restaurant.
     * Give a gift certificate for a massage or makeover. You can purchase a gift certificate for professional services, or you can create a homemade gift certificate and provide the services yourself.
     * Care for younger children and household responsibilities so your mother can have three or four hours of free time just for herself.
     * Give your wife or mother coupons that she can redeem for household errands, chores, or special fix-it jobs.
     * Let your creative juices flow and design your own Mother’s Day card or gift.
     * Make some phone calls to the mother figures in your life. You can warm their hearts and light up their day with a two- or three-minute chat.
     * If your grandmother or great grandmother lives far away, shoot a fun-filled roll of film for her, or say Happy Mother’s Day with an audio or videotape.
     * Bring to mind your mother, stepmother, or grandmother and write an “I love you because . . .” list—a guaranteed heart warmer and keepsake.
     And for husbands, the old standby of a candlelight dinner followed by a relaxed evening of entertainment is always a winner.
     Dr. Quick reminds us to remember your mother-in-law, your stepmother, your foster mother, your aunt who did not have children of her own but always cared for you in a special way, or the lady from your childhood who treated you as a son or daughter.
     Also be flexible. Don't feel like your celebrations of Mother’s Day need be confined to just today. Any time around this designated holiday is a great time to observe this annual tribute to the spirit of motherhood.
Karen Thomas is a family and consumer sciences educator for Penn State Cooperative Extension in Lackawanna County.