City Chicks & More 4-H Clover Buds

Posted: September 28, 2012

Leaders Margie Bistran and Jamie Sleboda will be reorganizing the City Chicks and More 4-H Clover Buds for ages 5 to 8 in Scranton...

Thanks again to the members in our club for helping to hatch the chicks that were on display at the 4-H Building at the Northeast Fair.  They caught every-one’s eye as they walked either by or through our building.

At meetings, Blake was extremely interested in candling the eggs, especially when he saw movement.  He hurried and drew a picture of the veins he saw and couldn’t wait to make his little incubator for the fair.  Even when the meeting was over, he still wanted to stay and candle more eggs.  Bella’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger when she saw the chicks hatching.  It was hard for her to make her incubator and keep up with all the chicks as they hatched.  She didn’t want to miss a single one.

The age old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”  This year we will do embryology (hatching of chicks) by watching a few of last years chicks grow first, then we will be doing another hatch!  Other activities will be chosen by the members.  New members are always welcome.  Contact Margie Bistran at 570-963-6842 for more information.