Boo Beans!

Posted: October 25, 2012

Halloween is right around the corner. Decorations are out in the stores and folks are getting in the spirit of the start of the fall holiday celebrations...

Beans are a food that most people try, but don’t add into their weekly food choices. 

How often should we be eating beans?  According to USDA Dietary Guidelines, we should be eating at least 1-½ cups a week for those needing 1800 calories or more.   There are lots of reasons why we should include them in our weekly foods.  First, they are high in fiber, soluble fiber which helps to lower something called insulin resistance and cholesterol.  Second, they contain protein, vitamins and minerals. 

Just one cup of beans contains 9-13 grams of soluble fiber 14-18 grams of protein without saturated fat or cholesterol, and they are a good source of iron.  They also contain a phytochemical, called saponin, which may help to inhibit the growth of cancer.

Black Bean Brownies

1 box of Brownie Mix, choose your favorite brand
1    15 oz. can of Black beans

Rinse beans.  Place can of beans in a bowl. Mash with a fork or use a food processor, until a smooth puree.

Add brownie mix to the black bean puree.
Bake Brownie to package directions
Note:  Brownie will have a more chewy consistency