Strong Family Relationships Enhance Quality of Life

Posted: September 19, 2011

Strong family relationships lead to a better quality of life for each family member. Having positive relationships enhances the family’s overall health, safety, and support; and provides a nurturing environment in which the family can grow.

Research shows that strong families possess certain characteristics. One is that the family spends time together. By spending pleasant, positive time together, families build up a reserve of good feelings which will help them through times of crisis. Finding a balance between outside activities and family time is important so the family’s schedule should be reviewed often to ensure there is time for family members to talk, play and have fun together.

Strong families build connections with other families and people. The extended family -grandparents and other relatives - is a significant source of support for most families. Extended families offer help during times of crises, provide companionship, and give opportunities for children and adults to interact and have fun with others outside of the immediate family.

Strong families also have a commitment to each other and to the family as a unit. They are proud to belong to the family. They think of each other as friends with whom they can talk and have fun. They enjoy each other as individuals and like being together.

Showing appreciation for other family members is also key to having a strong, healthy family. Doing positive things for one another or expressing love and appreciation daily lets others know they are cared about and valued.

Strong families communicate well with one another. They are open and honest and are willing to listen to each others’ point of view. They work together to solve problems and wait to cool down if tempers flare.

To learn more about developing strong, positive relationships with your family, register for the Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14. Strengthening Families is a seven week program designed to reduce adolescent substance abuse and other problematic behaviors in youth ages 10 – 14 years. All sessions are free and include a free meal for the entire family, free child care for younger children and prizes for attendance. For more information or to register for this fun, family oriented program, call Penn State Cooperative Extension at 963-6842.

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