Team Captain Information

Thank You for serving as a Team Captain. Please review the information and FAQ's. Forms you need are in the Tracking Forms folder. If you will have multiple teams from your organization, please see the information under Work Sites at the bottom of this page.
  • Thank you for taking on the role of Team Captain. Your first task is to get your team organized. Five people are ideal. You will find instructions in the FAQ’s if your team is less than five. Everyone needs to register. You can register team members if they do not have access to computer.
  • Choose a name with your team. Have some fun! Your team will need to know who your Team Captain is and choose a team name but this will NOT need to be part of your registration. This will be reported with your first weeks miles.
  • You will find the forms you need in the folder marked Tracking Forms. Members can print off their own forms or if needed, you can print off enough of the Individual Mileage Logs for all members.
  • Print the Team Captain Log for yourself. You will use this to record each team member’s weekly total. You will report your team total through the link that will be sent every week. Miles will need to be reported by Tuesday at 3:00PM to be included in the weeks report..
  • Every week during the program, team members with an e-mail address will receive an informational e-mail with articles on health and wellness, motivation, and virtually visiting areas of interest.
  • Call or e-mail Karen Bracey 570-836-3196 or with any questions.
  • We are looking forward to a fun and energizing spring!

If you would like to have your classroom participate, here are a few guidelines. Youth do not need to register.

Information to help manage multiple teams.