Greene County Success

In Greene County an eighty year old woman was fatigued from restless nights because she was having cramps in her legs two or more times a night. She has been doing Strong Women for a year now and she no longer is awakened at night. The leg cramps have completely stopped. Her daughter says she sees her mother having more energy and stamina now.

An elderly gentleman at the Jefferson site stated that he has increased strength. He mainly attends for the “positive” attitude of everyone. The sessions give him a boost for the day because everyone is so spirited and upbeat at the sessions. The socialization is very positive for him.


Another 80-year-old said her grandchildren visited recently. They hadn’t seen Grandma for about five months. When they returned home the grandchildren told their mother, Mom, grandma walks faster and can she move now!” The Grandmother was very pleased when she heard that.

Another lady said she couldn’t kneel in church and had leg cramps. Her husband has cancer but she still tries to attend all sessions. She said she can now kneel, her leg cramps are gone, and she is better able to assist her husband.

Four people reported that the program helps with their mobility and they can move easier. They attend faithfully because they notice a difference if they miss. One 84-year-old said the sessions are what keep her moving.

Two arthritic ladies said the exercises had made it possible for them to do steps with ease.

One lady had stenosis of the back and she is using her muscles better and not straining her abdomen as she was according to her physician. He has encouraged her to continue attending.