Cumberland County Success

The instructor noted that in her class, they have established a Friday morning routine where one participant regularly counts out the repetitions of each exercise. Of all the classes she has taught they have been the best, by far. Attendance has been excellent, attitude wonderful, and they have routinely gotten together to do the Friday class by themselves. They even appointed an official counter so they can do each exercise properly. I have no doubt they will continue their strength training even after the class has stopped. They have also expressed an interest to have another class.

“I really enjoyed this program. I feel much better since starting the class.”

I was very pleased with the class. I see the program as a beginning point for 'slow but steady' progress.

“This class is a great way to meet new interesting people as well as providing me with a time to improve my general health. I loved it!”

“I have been able to lower my blood pressure quite a bit. I do have more energy and much better balance.