Nutrition Links provides free classes for preschoolers, youth and adults in Wyoming County. Classes include hands-on activities and food tastings whenever possible.

Services Offered

In Wyoming County we provide classes to help limited income adults learn how to:
   • Stretch food dollars
   • Plan and prepare tasty, healthful meals
   • Handle food in a safe manner
   • Use SNAP benefits and other resources wisely
Participants must be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but don’t have to be currently receiving SNAP benefits. Participants should be responsible for planning and preparing family meals.

We also work in selected preschools and community locations to teach youth how to:
   • Identify nutritious foods
   • Handle food in a safe manner
   • Eat a variety of foods
   • Increase physical activity

All classes for adults and youth are free. 
Contact our staff in your county to join a class!

Impact Reports

  • No impact data for 2015.

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