Nutrition Links provides free classes for adults in Crawford County. Classes include hands-on activities and food tastings whenever possible.

Services Offered

In Crawford County we provide classes to help limited income participants learn how to:

  • Stretch food dollars
  • Plan and prepare tasty, healthful meals
  • Handle food in a safe manner
  • Use SNAP benefits and other resources wisely

Participants must either be pregnant or have children under the age of 19. Adults with primary responsibility for care and feeding a child(ren) under age 19 are also eligible. Participants should be responsible for planning and preparing family meals.

All classes are free. Contact our staff in your county to join a class!

Impact Reports

In FY16 we provided classes to 26 adult participants reaching 84 family members.

  • 93% of surveyed participants showed improvement in one or more food resource management practices (i.e. plans meals, compares prices, does not run out of food or uses grocery lists).
  • 71% of surveyed participants showed improvement in one or more nutrition practices (i.e. plans meals, makes healthy food choices, prepares foods without adding salt, reads nutrition labels or has children eat breakfast).
  • 46% of surveyed participants showed improvement in one or more of the food safety practices (i.e. thawing and storing foods properly).
  • Average cost savings on food per family/per month:$131

County Contacts

  • Nutrition Education Adviser, Food Families and Health


Areas of Expertise:
  • Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

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