Five Things to Know about Health Insurance and Health Care Coverage

Posted: October 27, 2015

Tips to help you become more informed about health insurance
  1. Health insurance is a safety net that can keep you from financial ruin. It provides peace of mind for the "what if" life events that can hit any of us on a moment's notice.
  2. Do you know how much your employer paid for your health insurance? Look on your Form W-2, which reports your yearly earnings. Any amount in box 12 that is coded DD is what your employer paid for your health insurance.
  3. To become a wiser user of health insurance, keep track of your out-of-pocket cost. Your actual costs can help you make decisions on which option to take when open enrollment arrives in the fall.
  4. The next open enrollment period to buy health insurance on the federal health insurance marketplace ( is November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016.
  5. Premium tax credit or the insurance subsidy. If you purchased health insurance on for 2014 and received a premium tax credit to help pay for your insurance, remember to contact within a month if your income goes up or down. Adjustments may be needed in your premium tax credit so you avoid underpayment or overpayment based on your income.

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