Meeting Well

Providing options for healthy food and physical activity during meetings can help everyone to work towards better health. As a meeting planner, this program will help you to create a healthier environment for your meeting.

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Course Details

Almost everyone goes to meetings.  We meet at work, to learn, for social gatherings, and other events.  Food is often a part of these meetings, and we tend to sit for long periods of time.  This course will teach meeting planners about:

  • best meal/snack planning practices
  • modifying menus
  • healthy portion sizes
  • working with a caterer/restaurant for healthier food options
  • planning healthy meals/snacks with limited dollars
  • planning healthy ethnic meals/snacks
  • including physical activity during the meeting


  • Increase knowledge of how to work with a caterer/restaurant for healthier meal and snack options
  • Increase knowledge of healthy food options for tight budgets
  • Increase knowledge of planning healthful diverse meals
  • Identify healthy environmental changes

Intended Audiences 

Any group or organization that plans meetings including extension staff, educators, administrative staff, 4-H leaders, Master Gardeners, and volunteers.

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