Wine Made Easy Fact Sheets

This article discusses several things wineries can do to prepare for harvest, such as ordering supplies, checking equipment, preparing the enology lab for harvest, bringing quality control standard operating procedures up-to-date, being aware of safety risks, and visiting the vineyard.

This article explains what YAN is, the advantages of measuring and treating it, and how to determine what your YAN value means, among other YAn-related topics.

This article explains how and why sulfur dioxide is used as the primary preservative in wine.

This article explains sulfur, sulfur dioxide, and sulfur-like off-odors in wine, and how to remediate hydrogen sulfide in wine.

Getting wines into local restuarants.

This fact sheet in the Wine Made Easy series explains volatile acidity (VA), a measure of the wine’s volatile (or gaseous) acids. The primary volatile acid in wine is acetic acid, which is also the primary acid associated with the smell and taste of vinegar.