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Aroma sensory ID exercises. Photo by: Michael Black/Black Sun Photography
May 18, 2016

Penn State Extension is hosting their first annual “Sensory Defects of Fermented Beverages and Distilled Spirits” workshop in Collegeville, PA on Thursday, June 9th from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM.

February 12, 2014

Paul Vigna explores the use of sulfites in wine after a local news article posted how mead producers do not add "sulfides."

Preparation for wine defect threshold testing. Photo by Michael Black/Black Sun Photography.
February 12, 2014

Journalist, Paul Vigna, writes about the 2014 Wine Quality Improvement workshop, and what advantages it holds for winemakers and wine enthusiasts. Article includes images capturing the hands-on activities experienced by attendees to identify and remember wine defects.

Wines sampled during the 2014 Benchmark Wine Tasting workshop. Photo by Denise M. Gardner
February 12, 2014

Penn Live writer, Paul Vigna discusses the 2014 Benchmark Wine Tasting workshop held by Penn State Extension Enology.

Photo: Michael Black/Black Sun
December 13, 2013

Denise Gardner, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences extension enologist, recently achieved the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) designation from the Society of Wine Educators.

August 21, 2013

Over 40 wines from the 2012 harvest season were tasted at this August 2013 workshop in Geneva, NY. The following describes some background on the NE-1020 project and the wine trials tasted at the Cultivar X Regional tasting.

Display at Heaven's Hill Distillery Outlining the Bourbon Making Process
July 12, 2013

This paper focuses on the production of distilled spirits, especially whiskey and bourbon. It briefly reviews distillation, production techniques, and sanitation methods for distilleries. A short note at the end captures some of the highlights of being a tourist on The Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Glasses ready to submit to panelists during the sensory evaluation
July 11, 2013

A small summary regarding the process and benefits of the Wine Quality Initiative Sensory Evaluation is attached. This document can be found in the "Workshop/Seminar Summaries" folder in the "Wine Production" tab.

Penn State Extension Enologist, Denise Gardner pours research wines for attendees (Photo credit: Dr. Kathy Kelley)
May 30, 2013

This one-day symposium is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Board (WMRB), the crop order through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) that uses the 15 cent per gallon wine produced tax to support research and marketing efforts that will benefit the entire Pennsylvania wine industry. Research proposals focused on Pennsylvania viticulture and enology needs are reviewed annually by the Research Committee, and few are selected to present to the industry at this annual meeting. Attached is a summary regarding enology-based presentations during the 2013 Symposium.

April 16, 2013

A write up by Penn State's Viticulture Extension Educator, Mark Chien, on the importance of glass shape, standardization of wine glass use in the winery/tasting room, and importance of benchmark wines. A good read for everyone in the wine industry.

April 15, 2013

The Academic Wino is a blog managed by Becca Yeamans that focuses on current research in enology and viticulture. Becca reads through research articles and summarizes key points and ideas on her blog. Recent topics of interest include wine bottle pricing based on winery location, sensory characteristics of oak chips, environmental impacts of winemaking, and wine-related book reviews. This is another firm example of a resource that wineries can used to stay current in viticulture and enology research world-wide. Click on the link to see more topics reviewed by Becca.

Denise Gardner, Extension Enologist, speaking at the 2012 WPSU Wine Festival
April 2, 2013

This report reviews the current Extension Enology educational workshops, program goals and initiatives, and additional resources available to Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic wineries.

PA Wines Poured at the 2013 EWE
March 29, 2013

This paper briefly discusses some of the enological sessions at the 2013 Eastern Winery Exposition. Topics include: white wine phenolics, winery energy savings, and sour rot.

February 4, 2013

The Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention is held annually in Hershey, PA. This short review covers the enology-based lectures of the wine grape meetings for the 2013 year.

February 4, 2013

This brief review discusses the context of the 2013 Level 1 workshop held in January 2013. Several benefits of the program are also discussed including where to find additional information on the WQI programs.

Penn State Extension Enologist, Denise Gardner, working on the NE-1020 2012 harvest wines. One of the many photos on Penn State Extension Enology's Facebook page. (Photo by Dr. Rob Crassweller)
November 27, 2012

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November 26, 2012

A paper written by Food Science undergraduate, Virginia Smith, discusses the effects of cold stability on wine, how to analyze for tartrate stability, and various products used for cold stabilization purposes. A good read for any winemakers that battle with cold stability issues.

Miles and Erin, Food Science undergraduates that assist with the PSU NE-1020 project, work on wine analysis
November 20, 2012

As the production portion of our NE-1020 project has come to a close, now is the time that we focus on basic wine chemistries. A series of data is collected on every fermented variety so that we can compare the chemical composition of that variety across several harvest years.

November 2, 2012

A review on YAN data collected from PA and NY fruit from the 2006 to 2011 vintage years is now posted on Penn State Extension Enology's website. Please click on the link to be re-directed to the content page.

Mark Wheeler and John Best from Penn State's Lake Erie Regional Grape Program picking Gruner Veltliner and collecting harvest data in the wee morning hours
October 29, 2012

Although most of harvesting is completed, I will use some of these "updates" to recollect some progress on the NE-1020 variety trials through this 2012 harvest season.