Wine Marketing & Business

The following is a summary of Patty Held's (from Patty Held Consulting) presentation during the 2012 Eastern Winery Exposition (EWE) Conference. This page discusses the distinction between two groups of Millennials emerging in the market, and makes suggestions for wineries to market to multiple generations.

The following is a summary of small commercial winery economics as presented by Dr. Gerald White during the 2012 Eastern Winery Exposition (EWE) Conference.

The following is a thorough summary of Joe Roberts' (a national wine blogger) thoughts on Pennsylvania wine quality as of the 2012 vintage year, how to enhance wine quality as time progresses, and insights for the future of the Pennsylvania wine industry.

The study of wine and its associated complexity is intriguing to many people who enjoy the variety of wine. Wine sensory evaluation and analysis plays a huge role in the way people perceive wine. It is important to understand consumer preferences in order to produce wines that will be sold successfully in the wine market.

With more wineries entering the industry, it is essential to understand consumer preferences regarding wine produced within the mid-Atlantic and others. An Internet survey was conducted to find out more about consumers’ attitudes and behaviors towards wine purchases. Participants answered questions concerning their wine purchasing and consumption behaviors, their attitudes about wines and wine regions, as well as their personal social media usage, and demographic and socioeconomic status.

This video will showcase survey participant purchasing patterns and outlets from which wines were purchased. Based on data collected from an Internet survey, participants purchased wine anywhere from “daily,” to “a few times a week,” to only “a few times a year.” By knowing how often your consumers purchase your wine, and perhaps how often they visit your winery, promotional and marketing strategies can be developed to encourage more frequent visits.

This video will showcase survey participant consumption patterns. Survey data shows reasons as to why consumers’ consumption of wine has increased or decreased over a 3 year period. The data also shows wine drinking patterns of participants during an average year. It is essential for a winery to understand their consumers’ behaviors in order to market their products accordingly.

This video will showcase survey participant purchasing patterns of everyday and special occasion wines. Prior to purchasing a bottle of wine, consumers consider the type of occasion during which the wine will be served. Survey participants were asked if there was a difference in the type of wine they purchased for everyday consumption versus those purchased for special occasions. This video also discusses consumer preferences for different types of wine packaging.

This video will showcase survey participant responses in regards to the consumption of other alcoholic beverages. Tasting room operators should be aware of other alcoholic beverages their clientele is consuming. This information can assist in new product development and expansion, as well as become the basis for promoting recipes that use wine as an ingredient.

Marketing is an integral part of doing business for all business types, including wineries. Using social media to inform consumers about the winery, wines, and events is an excellent way to build relationships.

When offering a loyalty program, your ultimate goal should be long term customer loyalty, which will mean investing your time and effort throughout the life of the program. To win loyalty, you will need to improve your customers’ tasting room experience.