Analytical Services

The following are reports and information about wine analytical techniques, concepts, and services.

The following is a guide meant to help establish a wine lab in a small (<10,000 cases annual production) to mid-size (<30,000 cases) winery.

An important attribute to winemaking is monitoring quality control of the wines through quantitative analysis.

The following paper includes YAN data for several wine grape and fruit varieties from the 2006 through 2011 vintage years. Fruit that was analyzed was produced in the same vineyard site over the 6-year time frame. The purpose of this article is to show the variation in YAN on an annual basis and to emphasize a need for annual YAN testing.

The ultimate goal of a winemaker is to produce a quality wine that consumers will enjoy. Each step in the winemaking process is cautiously planned and executed to maximize the quality of the wine. Understanding each step in the process is essential as any processing decision can alter the final product. The following article will explore the use of cold stabilization in winemaking as a means of adjusting wine quality.