Processing: Dairy Products

Addresses dairy product manufacturing, quality and safety for commercial dairy processors. Penn State acknowledges a growing interest in making dairy products at home and offers these tips for consumers to keep their home-made products safe.

The world of dairy foods is quite diverse in the number and types of products that can be made by varying the milk source and processing conditions. Each category of dairy products has its own set of unique compositional and manufacturing standards, processing conditions, creative opportunities, requirements for safety, troubleshooting challenges, consistency issues, and so on.

Manufacturers should use all resources at their disposal to create the highest quality, tastiest, safest dairy products possible. Credible resources may include academia, government, industry, trade organizations, and consultants.

Information for commerical cheesemakers on improving the quality and safety of their cheese, and the Pennsylvania Farm Show Cheese Competition.

Tips for hobbyists making dairy products at home.

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Processing: Dairy Products

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