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July 2017

When: July 19, 2017 8:00 AM to July 20, 2017 5:00 PM
Where: Wayne, PA

Offered from 1986-2008 at UC Davis as an extension short course, this class has consistently received top evaluations from over 4,000 attendees. Its original intention, to summarize the basics of a U.C. Davis Enology education, is now supplemented by emerging postmodern winemaking ideas. Designed to benefit the home winemaker as well as professionals at all levels, the course requires a general knowledge of winemaking basics, but does not demand a formal knowledge of chemistry.

August 2017

When: August 10, 2017, 8:30 AM - 2:15 PM
Where: North East, PA

This year’s co-hosted Cornell and Penn State Extension workshop will center around yeast nutrition, how yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN) is used by yeast, and how to manage YAN during primary fermentation.